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About Us

Maji’s collections is an online store, aimed at beautiful women who are in search for affordable human hair wigs; 100% Virgin Remy human hair bundles and extensions; clothing for the latest fashion trends and the best quality luxury mink silk & 3D false lashes. Maji’s collections were founded by a young couple, based in the United Kingdom (UK). It is branded with the intention of having meaning to its customers.  We as in Maji’s Collections intend to uplift men and women, especially women. Maji has different meanings in different languages, from “powerful” to “wonderful” and these meanings fit the brand to perfection. Maji’s Collections has different styles to suit the need of a man as well as a woman. When our customers wear Maji’s hair and lashes, our aim is to make them feel beautiful and confident in whatever mood they might be. Here at Maji’s Collections, we see our customers request as our priority.   

Magis Collection Model 1
Magis Collection Models 2